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Wireless power converter (160119-91) - semi kit

Wireless high power transmission - PCB SMT soldered, through hole parts included

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2 PCBs with SMDs mounted, through hole components in separate bag (soldering required)

For those who like to experiment with wireless power transfer this circuit can deliver almost 50 W with an efficiency of 88 %. Power supply range is 12 to 24 V.

This is clearly an entirely different class of wireless power transmission than what is possible with wireless chargers compliant with the Qi standard, which have a maximum power of 15 W (most phone chargers are limited to 5 W). Unlike Qi chargers for mobile phones, this converter does not have any intelligence on board. However, its greater capacity makes the circuit ideal as a wireless power converter for more elaborate electronic circuitry or lighting.

Never try to charge a Qi device (smartphone, etc.) with this circuit!
This set is intended to be used for experimenting with wireless energy transfer at relatively high power levels. 

Artikel-Nr. 17993
Hersteller Elektor Labs
EPS-Nr. 160119-91


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