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Makey Makey – An Invention Kit for Everyone

Start out easy with a banana piano. First setup takes seconds. Then make game controllers, musical instruments, and inventions. Advance to female headers and multi-key remapping up to 18 keys. Ages 8 to infinity.

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Makey Makey is an invention kit for the 21st century. Turn everyday objects into touchpads and combine them with the internet. It's a simple Invention Kit for Beginners and Experts doing art, engineering, and everything in-between.

What materials work with Makey Makey? Any material that can conduct at least a tiny bit of electricity will work. Here are some materials people have used in our workshops including Ketchup, Pencil Graphite, Finger Paint, Lemons, etc.

• Makey Makey Board
• USB Cable
• 7 Alligator Clips
• 6 Connector Wires
• wrist band to make earth connection

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