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F800 Desktop fume extractor 80 W

Improve your working environment significantly with this Desktop Fume Extractor! It is designed to filter harmful substances, such as hydrocarbon and cyanide, that emerge during the process of soldering, laser marking and carving, printing, etc. It is applicable for cleaning of both particles and gases.

Easily get rid of harmful fumes with the freestanding flexible duct and adjustable air volume

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F800 Desktop fume extractor 80W


  • Lightweight and compact design saves space. Move it around easily!
  • Brushless motor ensures high speed with low noise, stable performance and long lifetime
  • The glass fiber filter can hold back over 80 kinds of viruses, bacteria, microbe, etc
  • Built-in buzzer warns when the filter gets saturated
  • Works with or without the duct 


Model F800
Type Desktop 
Power 80 W
Voltage 110 V/220 V
Systemic flow 110 m3/h
Ducts  1
Noise level <59 dB 
Filtering Efficiency 0.3 µm 99.97% 
Dimensions (mm) 300  × 270  × 300  
Weight 4.5 kg 

Various applications

  • soldering fume extractor
  • laser cutting, laser engraving, and marking
  • electronics manufacturing
  • welding, laser welding
  • 3D printing
  • pharmaceutical and chemical
  • dust collector 


No tools required. To facilitate the insertion of the articulated suction tube on the collector, it will be enough to delicately deburr its outer edge.
Artikel-Nr. 18450
Hersteller Waterun

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