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Robot kit for the BrainBox AVR (160001-71)

Robot kit for the BrainBox AVR (160001-71). A kit of parts for building a robot and experimenting.

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Parts for experiments, and making a robot with the BrainBox AVR (BrainBox AVR board is not included)

Extensive documentation available here.

1x LCD - blue 2x16 with backlite, I²C driver already mounted
1x Phototransistor
1x Temperature sensor
2x IR-emitter
2x IR-phototransistor
2x Potmeter 10k
2x Switch
1x LED - 5mm green
1x LED - 5mm red
1x LED - 5mm blue
1x LED - RGB
1x Micro servo motor
1x Mosfet
1x HC06 - 4pin 5V bluetooth module
10x Resistors - 100R
5x Resistors - 120R
5x Resistors - 180R
5x Resistors - 220R
10x Resistors - 390R
5x Resistors - 1K
10x Resistors - 4K7
5x Resistors - 10K
5x Resistors - 39K
Set jumper wires - male to male
Set jumper wires - male to female
Set Arduino pin headers
Robot Chassis - incuding motors, acryl chassis, battery holder, wheels, set of screws, nuts, distance holders
Storage Box - size 30x20x6.3cm

Note: Please do not follow the assembly instructions provided with the motors. Both motors should be fastened on the acryl chassis with the two metallic blocks provided in a separate bag, not with the T-shaped acryl strips included in the motors’ bag.

Artikel-Nr. 18005
Hersteller Elektor Labs
EPS-Nr. 160001-71


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