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This wireless network analyzer graphically displays wireless network traffic following the IEEE 802.15.4 specification on the 2.4GHz band. The analyzer supports the ZigBee, MiWi and MiWi P2P protocols. In conjunction with the hardware packet sniffer, the software can analyze complete network traffic and graphically display decoded packets. It can also display a graphical representation of the network topology and the messages as they flow through the network. The analyser is shipped in a rugged plastic case and can be mounted onto a standard E-blocks metal backplane. This information can then be saved and/or exported for further analysis. Debugging a wireless network without the analyzer is like trying to debug a circuit without an oscilloscope. If you will be developing with either ZigBee or the MiWi protocols, the ZigBee analyzer is an essential development tool. Connects through USB.

  • Supports ZigBee, MiWi and P2P protocols

  • Network analysis and topology

  • Graphically display decoded packets

  • Essential for ZigBee system development

  • Supplied in a rugged plastic case

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