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Platinenhalter Weller ESF-120 ESD

The Weller ESF-120 ESD PCB-holder is a mounting frame that satisfies all requirements made when mounting, soldering and removing printed circuit boards, without the need for additional tools.

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This fast mounting frame has a spring clamp, rotates through 360° in increments of 15° and has a cushioned pressure arm for keeping components in place when you flip the board upside down for soldering.

Weller ESF-120 ESD PCB-board holder at a glance:

  • Max.size: 160x235mm
  • Rotates through 360° in increments of 15°
  • Spring clamp
  • Cushioned arm for component fixing
  • ESD safe

Moving Gif

Artikel-Nr. 17481
Hersteller Weller
Breite 320mm
Format 140mm


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