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WaterColorBot 2.0 (Pen Plotter)

With WaterColorBot you can transfer vector images saved on your computer to paper easily without having skills of an artist. The only things you need are watercolor paints and paper, which are already included in the box. The software needed to operate the WaterColorBot is easily accessible and also linked below.

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  • WaterColorBot uses vector images that you create on your computer and transfers them onto paper. Vector images consist of shapes, like circles, rectangles, lines, and curves which are typically made up of a sequence of primitive cursor-based draw operations: move the cursor to a point, draw a line to a point, draw a curve with some control points to a point. These shapes are then stroked and/or filled to create the artwork.
  • Starting with vector artwork you already have — or following along as you sketch in real time — the WaterColorBot dips its brush in water, goes and gets the right color, and simply starts painting.
  • It works with standard watercolor paints, pens, and paper, which means you don't need any kind of special supplies. You can use 9x12" (22,9 x 30,5 cm) watercolour paper.
  • WaterColorBot is made out of sturdy plywood, and the metal parts are made of Aluminium and steel to ensure long service life.
  • With WaterColorBot you can create two (or even more) identical drawings without spending a lot of time, in case you want to give one of them as a gift or the first version gets lost or destroyed. In any case, you can keep the file on your computer for this kind of emergencies and let the Watercolorbot redraw it again.
  • The new WaterColorBot 2.0 includes two CNC (computer-automated, numerically controlled) aluminum winches.
  • WaterColorBot 2.0 comes assembled, tested and ready to use.

Contents of the box

  • The WaterColorBot 2.0 (assembled and tested), including:
    1. The WaterColorBot 2.0 chassis
    2. Two precision stepper motors
    3. The EiBotBoard 2.0 USB motor controller
    4. Two machined aluminum winches
    5. The WaterColorBot carriage with crossed roller bearings, brush-lift motor, and cable guide
  • The lower deck ("spoilboard") of the WaterColorBot with clip for paper
  • USB Cable
  • Universal input plug-in power supply (with US-style plug)
  • A set of Crayola watercolors with brush
  • Five sheets of 9x12"watercolor paper
  • Three polypropylene water dishes
  • Polypropylene beaker and dropper
  • Printed quick start guide
  • Hex wrench (should one be needed for future maintenance)
  • Optional extra binder clip for spoilboard

The driver software imports vector artwork in the SVG file format. You can use Inkscape to convert from many different file formats (including PDF, Illustrator, and others with the help of extensions) to SVG.

WaterColorBot 2.0 can operate with a Mac, Windows, or Linux computer. For Linux, only Ubuntu (and close variants) are officially supported.

You can download the software you need here.

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Hersteller Evil Mad Science LLC


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