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3Dsimo Kit – Open Source 3D pen assembly kit

3Dsimo kit is the first ever assembly kit of a multi-material 3D pen based on Arduino Nano that you can modify to your requirements. With its open source software, you can adjust it to your needs using 3D models available on Github.

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AxiDraw V3

High Performance Personal Writing and Drawing Machine

The AxiDraw is a simple, modern, precise, and versatile pen plotter, capable of writing or drawing on almost any flat surface. It can write with your favorite fountain pens, permanent markers, and other writing implements to handle an endless variety of applications. Its unique design features a writing head that extends beyond the machine, making it possible to draw on objects bigger than the machine itself.

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WaterColorBot 2.0 (Pen Plotter)
With WaterColorBot you can transfer vector images saved on your computer to paper easily without having skills of an artist. The only things you need are watercolor paints and paper, which are already included in the box. The software needed to operate the WaterColorBot is easily accessible and also linked below.
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