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The MagPi 73 (september 2018)

Everything you need to design, create, and distribute your own video games in The MagPi #73. Discover video game techniques, tools and where to join game jams and events.

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If you like to program, you probably have aspirations of making your own video game. In this issue we break down the barriers to entry and show you how to get started. We also show you how to secure your home with a Raspberry Pi, along with our usual selection of excellent projects, tutorials, and reviews.

Also in this issue:

  • Learn to code with classic BBC TV programmes
    The BBC Computer Literacy archive is now available. Hundreds of classic TV shows teach essential computing skills.
  • Google's AIY Edge Accelerator 
    The USB dongle that gives Raspberry Pi amazing AI speed.
  • Home Security
    Keep the crooks out of your home with a range of Raspberry Pi home security projects.
  • Build a Teenage Dinner Klaxon
    Call your kids to dinner (without raising your voice) with this automated dinner caller.
  • Race AI Cars with Formula Pi
    Behind the scenes with the Raspberry Pi AI racing event.
  • And much, much more!


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