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Simple Relay Shield v2.0 kit for Arduino

Simple Relay Shield v2.0 kit for Arduino

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The Evil Mad Scientist Simple Relay Shield is an Arduino add-on that lets you use your Arduino (or shield-compatible clone, such as the Diavolino) to control a single electromechanical relay, for switching loads of up to 24 V DC or 40 V AC, at up to 5 A of current (10 A when used in normally-open mode). 

The relay is an "SPDT" type, meaning that it can be used either as a normally-open or normally-closed relay, so that you can choose to either switch on or switch off your load when the output signal from your Arduino is high. When operated as a normally-open relay, it is capable of handling loads up to 10 A. 

The relay is powered directly from the 5 V power supplied by your Arduino board, and is compatible with the vast majority of shield-compatible Arduino and Arduino-compatible boards, which operate at 5 V. (There are some 3.3 V or lower voltage Arduino boards; you probably already know if you have one of these.) 

The Simple Relay Shield is sold as an easy-to-build soldering kit. It includes the circuit board, Omron model G5LA-14 DC5 relay, stacking header set, 3-position screw terminal block, the relay drive transistor, flyback and isolation Schottky diodes (to keep your Arduino safe), and an LED that indicates when the relay coil is energized. Typical power consumption is under 70 mA, when the coil is energized.

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