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RELAY click

RELAY Click is a dual relay Click board, which can be operated by the host MCU. This Click board™ offers an elegant and easy solution for controlling a wide range of high power applications. Since it is able to operate on mains voltage level, it can even be used to control the power for a number of small home appliances. It can also be used to activate various electromotors, switch on the lights, or power on the entire embedded system.

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RELAY Click™ board features two G6D1AASI-5DC power PCB relay modules as well as two screw terminals. It communicates with target microcontroller via mikroBUS™ PWM (RL1) and CS (RL2) pins. LED diode (Green) indicates the presence of power supply. Control up to 5A, 250V AC/30V DC loads. The board is designed to use 5V power supply only, but communication lines voltage level can be in range between 1.8V and 5V. On-board transistors are used to drive relays by current sinking.

Despite its size, the G6D-1A-ASI DC5 relay is able to withstand up to 5A and 220V AC/30V DC. It can endure up to 300,000 operations, with 30V DC and 2A. This relay has a single pole only - when the coil is energized, it will attract the internal switching elements and close the circuit, similarly to a switch.
These relays are designed so that their coils can be easily activated by relatively low currents and voltages. For the G6D-1A-ASI DC5 relay operated at 5V, the coil current is 40mA. This makes them a perfect choice for activating them by an MCU.
Board can be used for turning on/off lights, motors and other high power consumers within the maximum supported voltage/current levels.

Key features

  • Two G6D1AASI-5DC power PCB relays on-board. Control up to 5A, 250V AC/30V DC loads.
  • Screw terminals allow seamless connectivity.
  • Two LEDs indicators are provided on-board.
  • Communication lines voltage level can be in range between 1.8V and 5V
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