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Rapid Prototyping USB-Stick (140232-91)

Rapid Prototyping USB-Stick (140232-91)

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The Rapid USB Prototyping Stick is a prototyping board with direct access via a USB port. Quickly develop code with useful examples and user selectable functions all in one small package. No device programmer required - includes onboard programming capabilites. PIC16F1459 Single-Chip IDE (S-CHIP) Compiler included.


  • External Connector with Three Conductors for Selectable Functions:
    -TTL RS232
    -Analog IN
    -Analog Out
  • Pushbutton
  • Two LEDs (Red and Green)
  • Text I/O to PC
  • Easy Graphing of any PIC® MCU Data
  • 8 Internal I/O Pins (5 Can Be Analog)
  • PIC16F1459 Has 8K Instructions, 1k RAM and Runs at 12 MIPS
  • 10-bit ADC Inputs over 0-5V
  • 0-5 V Digital Input/Outputs
  • 5-bit DAC Output
  • 3 Timers with Overflow Interrupts
  • Two PWM Outputs
  • I2C Master and Slave
  • UART

The Rapid USB includes:

  • Rapid USB Dongle
  • 3 m (6 ft.) 2.5mm Stereo Cable (Non-terminated)
  • Manual on CD

For a complete list of all CCS Compilers, please visit CCS' Compiler Page.

Artikel-Nr. 16140
EPS-Nr. 140232-91

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