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PIC development centre on panel (HP4988)

If you are looking for a simple and rugged development environment for PIC projects then the HP4988 is ideal for you. Suited to those new to microcontrollers, switches, LEDs and LCD screens, the HP4988 development platform features visual diagrams to help users understand and learn how the microcontroller and combo board are interfaced without the requirement for multiple reference datasheets.

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The HP4988 consists of an EB006 PIC Multiprogrammer (with 16F1937 40 pin device) and an EB083 Combo board mounted onto a development platform. The platform also offers a grid array of holes allowing other E-blocks to be connected if required. The protective covers allows access to the essential configurable elements, but prevent users from interfering with key link settings or removing the PIC device. A power supply and USB cable are included.

This product, when combined with Flowcode 6, provides access to the advanced In-Circuit Test and In-Circuit Debug features found in our revolutionary Ghost Technology.

Key Features

  • Includes EB006 and EB083 combo board
  • Full in-circuit debug with Flowcode
  • Supplied with plastic protective covers
  • Power supply and USB cable included
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