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Pi Crust ProtoHAT – prototyping board with HAT footprint

Pi Crust ProtoHAT
Design your own Raspberry Pi HAT by attaching custom circuitry or dressing your Raspberry Pi with this HAT kit with EEPROM (Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory).
Pi Crust has a grid of soldering holes that allow you to combine chips, resistors, LEDs, potentiometers and much more.

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Pi Crust ProtoHAT – prototyping board with HAT footprint

Customize your own Raspberry Pi with Pi Crust PortoHAT Kit with EEPROM.

The Pi Crust ProtoHAT has a grid of prototyping soldering holes for attaching chips, resistors, LED, potentiometers and more. The holes are connected underneath with traces to mimic the solderless breadboards.

The kit includes a printed circuit board and a single 2 × 20 GPIO Header for Raspberry Pi already soldered.

This version comes with a blank 24C32 I2C EEPROM soldered on and connected to the EEDAT/EECLK lines so you cannot 'stack' it with other HATs. However, you can program in the EEPROM to make a self-identifying setup using the Raspberry Pi Foundations' HAT specifications.

This HAT is compatible with the Raspberry Pi ZeroA+, B+, 233B+ etc (any Pi with 2 × 20 connector).

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