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MiniPiio Motor 293D Add-on module Kit (130381-71)

MiniPiio Motor 293D Add-on module Kit (130381-71)

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The MiniPiio Motor293D is a dual H-bridge Motor Driver board specifically designed to work with your Raspberry Pi.

Its compact design is a quick and easy solution to adding motor control applications to your Raspberry Pi Projects.

It uses the popular L293D motor controller IC and is directly interfaced the the GPIO of the Raspberry Pi's Expansion Header.

It’s H-Bridges can handle two motors at 600mA each, with peak currents up to 1.2 amps, at a motor voltage range between 4.5 and 36 volts.

It features an option to selectable external voltage supply for larger DC Motors or internal voltage supply (+5V) for the small DC motors.

It uses 6 GPIO signals from the Raspberry Pi Expansion Header to provide full forward, reverse and speed control

Screw Terminal connectors are provided to connect to the motors and external power supply.

In summary, the MiniPiio Motor293D is an ideal companion for all your Robotic, CNC or High Current applications.


  • Uses L293D IC
  • Two H-Bridge circuits
  • 600mA output current per channel
  • 1.2A Peak output current per channel.
  • Motor voltage = 4.5V to 36V
  • Screw Terminals for easy motor connection
  • Standard Raspberry Pi Expansion Connector
  • Board Dimensions: 50 x 40 mm

Use Cases

  • Robotics
  • CNC Control
  • High current applications

MiniPiio Motor293D is compatible with the Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi and its Logo are a Registered Trademark of the Raspberry Pi Foundation

Artikel-Nr. 16624
Hersteller Elektor Labs
EPS-Nr. 130381-71
Produkt-Typ Hardware
Kategorie Stromversorgung

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