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Meet Edison Robot

Meet Edison the super affordable robot for learning and inventing. Edison is Lego compatible, easy to program and has built-in programs that are activated by driving over barcodes.

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  • Edison is programmed using EdWare, a drag and drop graphical programming language that is easy to learn. EdWare is free and open source and works on Windows, Mac and Linux computers.
  • Getting started with Edison is easy. Simply print out some barcodes and drive him across them to activate a range of pre-programmed functions, such as line following, obstacle avoidance and learning standard TV/DVD remote control commands.
  • Edison is LEGO® compatible allowing your imagination to run wild!
  • Edison can navigate his way around using infrared light sensors to see obstacles to his left or right.
  • Drive Edison using a standard TV/DVD remote control. Edison can learn commands from just about any remote control and can drive forward, backward, turn left, turn right, spin left and spin right.
  • Edison can follow a line or stay within a boarder using his line tracking sensor.
  • Edison can detect fridge intruders or follow a flash light using left and right light sensors.
  • Two or more Edisons can communicate using infrared light. Robot swarm anyone!?
  • Edison can play beeps and musical tunes.
  • Edison can respond to clapping and other loud sounds.
  • Edison is driven by two wheels that give him full manoeuvrability. Each wheel can drive forwards and backwards at a wide range of speeds.
  • Edison has two red LED lights at the front.
  • With just three buttons Edison is easy to control. To start a program press triangle, to stop it press square, to download a new program press the circle once or to read a barcode press circle twice.


Sensors and inputs

  • Obstacle detection: Infrared using 2 IR LEDs (front left and right) and IR receiver module (doubles as IR receiver)
  • Remote control: IR receiver module (38kHz) Edison can learn IR codes from most standard TV/DVD remote controls
  • Infrared data comms: IR receiver module (double as obstacle detection sensor and IR remote receiver)
  • Line tracker: Red LED and phototransistor (doubles as barcode reader and programming port)
  • Light sensors: 2 phototransistors (front left and right)
  • Sound sensor: Piezo transducer (doubles as sounder)


  • Drive: Differential drive system
  • Infrared data comms: 2 infrared LEDs (double as obstacle detection sensor)
  • Sound: Piezo buzzer (doubles as sound sensor)
  • Lights: 2 red LEDs (Front left and right)


  • Freescale 8-bit MC9S08PA8VLC


  • Battery: 4 x AAA (UM 4)

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