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Linear Audio 8

Linear Audio Vol 8 is the ninth issue of a series of printed bookzines dedicated to technical audio and perception. Volume 8 comes with a free PCB (as long as supplies last) for Ian Hegglun’s Cube Law power amp design.

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Another Linear Audio packed with creative, innovative and thought-provoking articles: Volume 8!

Guest Editorial:

John Atkinson, Stereophile’s Editor-in-Chief kicks off on The Art and Science of the Audio Review and the complementarity of measurements and listening tests.

Signal Processing:

Hans Polak writes On Digital Audio Formats and the Nyquist-Shannon Sample Theorem.

Circuit design articles:

Frank Blöhbaum on Multiplied Transconductance Amplifiers – part 2: high power amplification – up to for 100W SE Class A at vanishingly low distortion.

Giovanni Stochino continues Feedback Error Correction – some further thoughts on Part 1.

Stuart Yaniger completes Equal Opportunity - A Balanced Moving Magnet Phono Stage - a prototype built and measured.

Rudolf Moers studies The Otto Schade Method - A practical design method for rectifier circuits.

Marcel van de Gevel comes up with a simple rule for RIAA noise in Gramophone preamplifier noise calculations - the 3852 Hz-rule revisited.

Not satisfied with Square Law amplification, Ian Hegglun goes from square law to A Cube Law audio power amplifier – Class A at ¼ of the idle dissipation, and thanks to the continued generosity of the folks at, each Volume 8 comes with a free PCB* for his amp!


Stan Curtis explores the ago-old question: Size does matter. Or does it? - applied to bass speaker drivers.

Product review:

Morgan Jones puts The μTracer V3.10 – a curve tracer for valves through its paces.

Book review:

Floyd Toole’s Sound Reproduction: The Acoustics and Psychoacoustics of Loudspeakers and Rooms is not really new but enough of a landmark to merit a thorough review. David Moran rose to the challenge.

* Thanks to the continued generosity of the folks at, each Volume 8 comes with a free PCB (as long as supplies last) for Ian Hegglun’s Cube Law power amp design.

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Autor Jan Didden
ISBN 9789490929091
Sprache Englisch
Hersteller Linear Audio

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