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Linear Audio 5

Linear Audio Vol 5 is the sixth issue of a series of printed bookzines dedicated to technical audio and perception.

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Linear Audio Vol 5 is the sixth issue of a series of printed bookzines dedicated to technical audio and perception. The international team of authors for this issue again offers technical audio articles on a wide ranging number of subjects. In this volume:


How do you size those snubbers across rectifiers – and do they work at all? Morgan Jones decided to find out and found some unexpected answers in Rectifier snubbing – background and Best Practices. After years of trying to recreate the Big Bang, Erik Margan returned to audio to tell all about Interconnections in Audio. Pierre Touzelet completes his investigations in transformers writing On stray capacitances in audio transformers.


Not everyone is convinced that SACD really sounds better than red book CD. Hans van Maanen is, and he presents investigations and findings to back up his experiences On the audibility of “high resolution” digital audio formats and how to test this.

Circuit design - FREE PCB!

An RIAA corrected preamp is fine for contemporary vinyl, but for recreating the sound of 100 years old discs and cylinders, you need An Archival Phono Preamplifier – and Gary Galo designed one. After exploring the F-word, Bruno Putzeys is back with the next letter in the alphabet: The G-word, or How to Get Your Audio off the Ground – providing insight and Best Practices for clean audio. (A free PCB, courtesy, is included for Bruno’s demo preamp project). Circuit design can be fun, and sometimes the challenge also lies in making do with what you happen to have available, as shown by Rob Scheepens in The parts bin headphones amplifier. Tone controls are sometimes eschewed by purists, but Douglas Self shows that this is unwarranted and that you can design flexible, transparent and effective tone controls in A low-noise preamplifier with variable-frequency tone controls.

System design

How do you increase your enjoyment of reproduced audio if your whole system has already been optimized? Use High Frequency Reverberation for finer sound reproduction says Richard Burwen.

Speaker Clinic

Rather than designing a speaker from the ground up, Lennart Jarlevang accepted The Small Speaker challenge to improve on what was already a well-regarded product.

The Way I see it

Our columnist Stan Curtis addresses that seemingly unresolvable dichotomy between what sounds best to you and objective technical performance. His Listening to paradoxes delves a little deeper in the underlying issues.

Book review

Stuart Yaniger reviews Oliver Masciarotte’s To Serve and Groove and finds both strong and less so points.

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