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LCR45 – LCR- und Impedanzmesser

LCR45 – LCR- und Impedanzmesser


LCR and Impedance Meter


LCR and Impedance Meter
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The new LCR45 does everything that the popular LCR40 does, but we've added some significant enhancements. The LCR45 features a new high capacity micro and high resolution ADCs.

• Fluid measurements of L, C and R.
• Auto and Manual component type.
• Auto and Manual test frequency.
• Frequencies: DC, 1kHz, 15kHz and 200kHz.
• Display of component values, complex impedance, complex admittance and magnitude/phase.

Inductance from 0.2uH to 10H (min resolution is 0.2uH), Capacitance from 0.2pF to 10000uF (min resolution is 0.2pF) and Resistance from 0.2ohm to 2Mohm.

Measure Inductance, Capacitance, Resistance and Impedance
• Supports inductors, capacitors, resistors and arbitrary impedances.
• Inductance from 0.0uH to 10H (min resolution 0.2uH).
• Capacitance from 0.0pF to 10000uF (min resolution 0.2pF).
• Resistance from 0.0 Ohms to 2MOhms (min resolution 0.2 Ohms).
• Directly measure component values.
• Measure complex impedance, complex admittance and Magnitude and Phase of impedance (Polar form).
• Auto and manual modes for test frequency (DC, 1kHz, 15kHz and 200kHz).
• Auto and manual modes for component type.
• Works with polarised and non-polarised electrolytic capacitors in either orientation.
• Easy to scroll through all the measurement types you need.
• Continuous measurements with "hold" function. Great for fine tuning components.
• 24 month warranty as standard.

It does more than you think
As you would expect from an LCR meter, the LCR45 is great for measuring your inductors, capacitors and resistors. However, this LCR meter offers much more.

Simple to use
Just clip the universal test leads to your component and press the test button. In seconds, the LCR45 will identify the type of component (Inductor, Capacitor or Resistor) together with the component’s value. Readings are taken continuously, giving you the ideal tool for making fine adjustments.
In addition to the component type and value, the LCR45 can also display the component's parameters as a complex impedance, complex admittance or magnitude and phase of impedance.
What's more, you can select auto and manual modes for both the component type and test frequency.

The LCR45 is supplied with our new 2mm compatible detachable micro-hooks, allowing the use of a range of 2mm compatible probes.


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