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Larson Scanner Kit

Available style of red LED: 10 mm diffused lens.

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The kit is very easy to build, and includes a pre-programmed microcontroller, battery holder, and nine ultrabright red LEDs. Once you've built it, you'll have a beautiful back-and-forth scanning red light, ready for incorporation into various sci-fi props, costumes, and pumpkins. The kit is available with ultrabright red LEDs:  10 mm (huge LEDs) with diffused lenses.

The Larson Scanner is sold as a soldering kit. Basic electronic soldering skill is required, and you provide standard soldering tools: a soldering iron + solder and small ("flush") wire clippers. No additional knowledge of electronics is presumed or required -- and no programming is required either.

Easy "through-hole" construction ("No surface-mount nothin' nowhere!"). Clear, full-color printed instructions are provided with the kit.

Artikel-Nr. 17122
Hersteller Evil Mad Science LLC
EPS-Nr. 150247-91

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