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I2C bus isolator and level adapter (150089-91)

I2C bus isolator and level adapter (150089-91)

This module works with all digital signals up to 1 MHz and is compatible with SMBus and PMBus.

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When you want to connect two or more I2C devices together there may, in some cases, be the requirement to change the voltage level of the signals.

In order to allow I2C devices operating from different power supply voltages to be interconnected, we here present a simple level shifter, which is intended as a converter for signal levels from 3.3 V to 5 V and the other way around. The circuit also provides galvanic isolation between the signal lines at the same time.

Compatible with I2C, SMBus and PMBus, this module works with all digital signals up to 1 MHz.

The printed circuit board layout can be downloaded from the project page on our website.

Note: the board is delivered with the connectors separately (unmounted).
Artikel-Nr. 17548
Hersteller Elektor Labs
EPS-Nr. 150089-91

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