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AxiCat (150585-91)

The AxiCat is a high-performance, professional multipurpose USB-I2C/SPI/1-Wire/UART/GPIO interface adapter from Axiris.

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The AxiCat is a high-performance, professional multipurpose USB-I2C/SPI/1-Wire/UART/GPIO interface adapter.

  • Multipurpose I/O card with USB interface.
  • For use with Linux PC, Windows PC, single board computers (SBCs).
  • Powerful 12 MHz ATmega164A/324A/ 644A/1284 microcontroller.
  • Selectable 3.3 V and 5 V I/O voltage levels.
  • 17 bidirectional general-purpose I/O pins with programmable pull-up.
  • 2 fully independent serial ports.
  • SPI bus, master function, 4 slave select lines.
  • I2C bus with pull-up resistors, master and slave function, support for repeated start, arbitration, clock stretching, device probing.
  • 1-Wire bus, master function, strong pull-up control, accelerated enumeration and probing of 1-Wire slaves.
  • Truly asynchronous design enables all interfaces to operate concurrently while executing I/O commands back-to-back avoiding inter-command delays.
  • USB bus-powered.
  • Support for USB remote wake-up.
  • Can be used as general-purpose development board for Atmega164A/ 324A/644A/1284 microcontrollers.
  • Integrated bootloader and accompany- ing software for Linux and Windows enable easy upgrading of firmware and development of own software.
  • Four mounting holes.
  • Prototyping of I2C slave functions.
  • Educational platform for learning and teaching I2C.
  • Allows you to connect Swiss Pi, PiWire+, and other boards to a PC.
  • The AxiCat server program enables network and local access using an easy protocol.
  • Use Python, PHP, C, C++, or other languages to program the card.

Link to AxiCat - Documents and Software:

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Hersteller Elektor Labs

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