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Audio Power Amplifiers

In this book Dr. Kolinummi analyses many sources of distortion and measurement methods. His focus is specially on dynamic and transient errors, which are not normally considered in measurements, and what Kolinummi calls 'memory errors'.

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Virtually everyone uses audio amplifiers, whether they know about it or not.

Among those who are familiar with audio amplifiers there is a small percentage who care about the performance qualities of an amplifier, and of those there is a small percentage interested enough to want to know about the distortions – in the widest sense - caused by amplifiers, their causes and their cures. This book is for those people.

The author starts with a discussion of the variety of distortions, how they are measured and the methods by which they can be reduced in amplifier design. The discussion and examples are clear and the mathematics are at high school level, so that an advanced degree is not required to understand the material.

The book progresses to an examination of different types of gain stages in amplifiers and their performance, culminating in two finished designs, one employing negative feedback and one without. The focus is on design using bipolar transistors, but the reader can take away much that applies to other devices such as FETs and Tubes.

It doesn’t cover everything (no single book does) but it will serve as a complement to other books by Douglas Self and Robert Cordell. But Kolinummi has a somewhat different perspective: while Self and Cordell tend to look at an amplifier or amplifier stage performance in the closed-loop situation, Kolinummi looks primarily at the open loop performance.

However, like those authors, Arto Kolinummi approaches the subject from an objective viewpoint based on measured performance and doesn’t delve deeply into the subjective side of amplifier performance. If you are an “objectivist” in your approach, you will feel right at home. If you are a “subjectivist”, you should still feel welcome and the book will give you plenty to think about.

It’s a good book.

Nelson Pass, Pass Labs, California, USA

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Autor Dr. Arto Kolinummi

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