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Breakout-Board mit ADS1115 (140169-91)

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The ADS1115-eBoB is a drop-in 16-bit 4-channel AD-converter on I²C. It's perfect for designing a generic front end for relatively slow (< 1 kHz) but precise data acquisition systems. We've "BoB'ed" this tiny chip and took care of the finicky soldering proces, so you can use it on a bread board without having to pull out your soldering iron and magnifying glasses.

The ADS1115 is an I²C device with a sub range of four slave addresses, hence the presence of 0-Ω configuration resistors R5-R8. Only one of these resistors should be fitted, the default is R5. Information on the slave address selection can be found in the datasheet of the ADS1115.

The board accepts supply voltages between 2.0 an 5.5 V

Some basic code for Arduino descriptions of linking to libraries can be found in the project software of our 16-bit Data Logger, which we copied here for your convenience.

Artikel-Nr. 16786
Hersteller Elektor Labs
EPS-Nr. 140169-91
Produkt-Typ Hardware
Kategorie Messen & Testen

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