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1-Wire Automation System

The Axiris 1-Wire Automation System consists of a 1-wire host controller board and a single board computer in a single attractive enclosure. The 1-Wire host controller board contains all the necessary power supplies for powering 1-Wire devices and the single board computer.

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  • 4 independent 1-wire channels based on DS2482-100+ host controllers.
  • ESD protection with DS9503 TVS diodes and polyfuses.
  • Power requirements 24V DC @ 1.5A max.
  • 5V 2A power supply for single board computers via USB connector or screw terminals.
  • 5V 1A power supply for powering 1-wire devices (separate from SBC power supply).
  • 8-20V 1A adjustable auxiliary power supply for powering 1-wire devices.
  • 1-wire power supplies are ESD protected with TVS diodes and polyfuses.
  • 5V and 8-20V power supplies along with 3 extra ground connections can be routed to the 1-wire RJ45 connectors using jumpers. By default, only 1-wire ground and DQ are connected (no jumpers installed).
  • Separate power connector with screw terminals (detachable).
  • 8 GPIO lines on a 10 pin IDC connector for signaling/turning off the single board computer.
  • Extension connector for additional I2C devices.
  • Connector and mounting holes for expansion boards. Expansion boards include an RTC board based on a PCF2129A RTC chip and a 8-channel 1-wire host controller board based on a DS2482-800+
  • Galvanically isolated I2C inputs which can operate at 3.3V and 5V signal levels.
  • White acrylic laser cut enclosure.
  • Mounting holes for vertical wall mounting.

Extension Boards

SBCs and adapters supported by the acrylic case

  • BeagleBone Black.
  • Raspberry Pi 3.

More information, software & support

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